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Yo! Sushi
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Yo! Sushi
78 Princes Street,
Mon-Sat 11am to 10pm; Sun 11am to 9pm; Kiosk Opening times:Mon- Fri 10am-8pm, Sat/ Sun- 11am-8pm

Street food is trendy and tends to be meaty, think hot dogs, pulled pork, burgers and kebabs. Yo! Sushi however was established 1997, serves eighty Japanese-inspired dishes of fish, seafood and veg alongside some meat and is perhaps one of the original purveyors of 'modern' street food in the UK.

This new third branch opened late 2014 (two others are at the airport and Harvey Nichols) and has a ground floor kiosk for takeaway and a large seating area on the first floor. A trademark silver conveyor belt snakes alongside a full window that frames The Castle and The Mound. Another belt (or is it the same one?) is central. I suspect a seat for lunch will be hard to come by for much of the year. 

There are free refills of green tea, sparkling and still water and a button at your station for service. I say station because your seat has everything you need - water, napkins, chopsticks, jar of galangal, wasabi, soy, menu. No need to move. 

The passing dishes are listed on the menu and all have an 'eat by' time on their plastic domed lid. Simply lift what you fancy and tuck in. 

I start with a California ISO (inside out i.e. with the rice around the seaweed) - two crab stick and avocado mayo rolls coated in white and black sesame seeds (£3.40). Shreds of day glo crustacean belie its delicate flavour whilst jade avocado and the overall design is ultimate foodie eye candy. Next I have the same filling - crab and avocado - but this time in a crispy fish skin cone (£3.40). 

All menu items clearly list price and calories and I could write a whole essay on the nutritional benefits of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals inherent in this healthy finger food. Suffice to say if that is your bag you can eat comfortably at Yo!

Holkiado scallop katsu (£6); three plump wobbly breaded bivalves with crispy breadcrumb coating and citrus yuzu mayo again ticks the boxes, fresh and delicious. Fish and seafood is shipped from Norway by specialist 'fish for sushi 'supplier Joii. YO! Sushi make a point of never selling blue fin tuna.

Next I lift salmon and yuzu salsa tatami (£4.30, 5 slices, 102 cals) comprising salmon cucumber and cherry tomato salsa. The acidic tangy sauce cuts through the flavourful sashimi and becomes my favourite dish so far. Kaiso salad (£2.59) to finish - sesame- marinated Japanese seaweed, edame, carrot and  su-miso. Note veggies are well catered for. 

With an average spend of £15 per head Yo! Sushi is fun, healthy and affordable for everyone. 


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