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Salsify air-dried ham
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Caterwauling from the rooftops

It's here! It's finally arrived - Scotland's Year of Food and Drink!

Those of us who live and eat Scotland, already know what amazing raw ingredients we have; what amazing people we have who turn our produce into deliscious food. It's the year that we, as a nation, show the world that there is more to Scotland than the stereotypical lard laden images they seem to have of us.

We are diverse; we are innovative; we are resourceful. Over the past year, there have been some fantastic achievements from so many individuals who have made their quirky ideas a reality. Bloombox Salads peddled her wares across the city. Coffee roasters, gin distillers, beer brewers all have found their niches in and around Edinburgh. We have a multitude of independent bakeries, chocolatiers and crowd-funded food businesses to make even the most blinkered sceptics sit up and take notice. By the time this month's magazine hits the street, Maison de Moggy cat café should be opening its doors in Stockbridge!

There's even a tea plantation in Perthshire; how about that? Our own local brew.

Even I've got caught up in this explosion of creativity, with several foodie projects in the pipeline. Hopefully, one of them has come to fruition - my own weekly food program on Castle FM (98.8) where my 'dulcet' tones will be heard caterwauling across the airways about what stunning food Scotland has to offer! 

What food ventures will you dipping into in 2015?

Salsify in Air-Dried Ham (enough for four as a starter).
10 salsify roots
juice of a lemon
10 slices air-dried ham of choice

Whack the oven on to pre-heat (Fan160oC/180oC/Gas4).
Put a couple of inches of water into a pan and add the lemon juice.
Peel the salsify quickly (try using a green scratchy), cut in half and plop into the acidulated water.
Bring everything to a boil, then simmer for about 15 mins. 
Cut the ham in half and individually wrap drained salsify. 
Shoogle them onto an oiled baking sheet.
Roast for about 20mins or until ham is nice and crispy.
Serve straight from the oven.

What else is in my basket?
Venison, goose, wild duck. Wild salmon, lobster, sea bass. Jerusalem artichoke, swede, leeks. Forced rhubarb, blood and Seville oranges 
Lea writes http://OfftheEatenTrack.wordpress.com and is @BakersBunny on Twitter and Instagram

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