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Stuffed Cabbage à la Provençale
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Bistro Provence
88 Commercial Street,
0131 344 4295
Thanks to Bistro Provence for this lovely Winter Recipe.

-Savoy cabbage, weighing about 900g, 200 g lean diced bacon, 2 onions, 2 slices stale bread, 300ml milk, 150g long-grain rice, 200g chopped chicken, 1 egg, half teaspoonmof grated nutmeg, thyme leaves, 2 cloves garlic, crushed, salt & pepper, 600ml chicken stock, 45ml tomato purée, 2 carrots, bouquet garni

Throw away damaged coarse leaves and blanch the whole cabbage in boiling water 5 minutes.
Drain & refresh in cold water.
Open by pressing back leaves one by one. 
Cut out heart & chopped finely. 
For the stuffing, sizzle bacon in a small pan. Add 1 chopped onion and soften.
Soak bread in milk. Then squeeze until almost dry. 
In a bowl mix together bacon, onion, chopped cabbage heart, uncooked rice, chicken meat, bread, beaten egg, nutmeg thyme & garlic. 
Season Well. 
Put a spoonful in middle of cabbage, then in each leaf, remaking the original shape. Tie with kitchen string. 
Put in deep oven dish little bigger than the cabbage. 
Cover with stock mixed with tomato puree; add the chopped carrots, the second onion sliced & the bouquet garni. 
Cover and leave for 3 hrs in a slow oven, 170◦C, until it slightly brown on top and has absorbed nearly all the liquid, melding all its delicious flavours together.

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