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I like the balance between the earthy flavours and stored up sweetness of root veg. Celeriac is one of my favourites; it retains a leafy freshness that is so distinctive. Pureed, it is as good as it gets in my book.  You may not need a wine to match celeriac if it's a side dish, so pick a wine (red or white) with a hint of herbaceousness, it will lift the flavours.
This Lugana is from a little known Italian wine region and the wines are consistently great value and delicious. This has everything you need, delicious peachy notes, hints of lemon and thyme and a creamy texture.
Campo Valentino Lugana £9.75 Wood Winters
At this time of year cheese shines in the company of fresh nuts and local apples. I frequently serve it as lunchtime salad or a delicate dessert alternative, changing the cheese with my mood. Goats cheese for crisp blue sky days and Lanark blue for by the fire.
Contrary to popular belief white wine works extremely well with cheese, Sauvignon Blanc has a natural affinity with softer goats cheese and I love the perfumed Gewürztraminer with a crumbled pile of Lanark blue, sliced crisp apple and caramelised walnuts.
Zind Humbrecht Gewürztraminer £14.99 Majestic

It's stew time! I love it when you put separate ingredients together and let them unify in the pot so you can't taste where one finishes and another starts.  When it comes to wine the hardest thing to get right is matching the texture of the gravy without overpowering it.  The meat does make a difference, a lamb stew needs a lighter wine like a pinot noir whilst venison or beef would work well with a more structured Bordeaux blend.
This delicious rioja is great value and the soft tannins and layers of flavour will enhance that melting pot of ingredients.
Vega Ariana Rioja 2010, Waitrose £5.99

Steamed Pork Buns 
If you are fed up with hot dogs and burgers (as if!), you might want to move on to steamed pork buns. I think of them as a cross between a pancake roll, a pulled pork slider and dim sum, in a bun.  As easy to eat as a hot dog but the combo of melting pork belly, plum sauce and the crunchy cucumber take it up a notch and can all be prepared in advance.
I'll be drinking some Chilean Pinot Noir with mine, a red which isn't too heavy with a lovely dollop of juiciness to offset the distinctive plum sauce.

Squash Curry
At this time of year you can't move for artistic arrangements of squash signalling local, hearty food. They work so well in curries, especially the chestnutty Crown Prince variety and by using a firmer squash your curry won't collapse if it's being kept warm for eating by the bonfire. As it's firework season the perfect match has to be a sparkler, Moscato d'Asti has a natural sweetness which offsets the heat of the curry and won't taste too tart with the squash. Asti got a bad rep in the 70s but it shouldn't be sniffed at; start with the crowd pleasing Asti or trade up to an artisanal version for real class.

What else? And they aren't just for the kids. If you're trying to pimp your s'more there isn't much point in using posh marshmallows but there is in getting some decent dark chocolate on your biscuits, it provides a less sickly contrast to the marshmallow.  At the point that you're eating melted marshmallow sandwiches wine matching may not be at the top of your list, however there are a couple of great options to finish your firework do with a bang! You could serve the Moscato d'Asti, but I'd opt for a chilled, light port; either Tawny or Pink to pass around - the contrast of cool and warm is delicious.

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