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Languedoc Notebook - October

I am just back from my last wine tour in Languedoc this year and what a time we had! I will tell you more about it in the  La Garrigue newsletter later this month (sign up online). 

Besides visiting vineyards, tasting wine and enjoying many lunches and dinners I was also taken by the quality of the local markets. The range of produce is phenomenal and the quality second to none. From wines to honey, bread, charcuterie, cheeses , olive oils, sea food, butchery products, poultry, fruits and vegetable, spices,  small garden tools and even some quality outdoor clothing.
Of course these markets are ingrained in local culture in France unlike the new fashionable foodie ones here. Goods are priced more competitively and the cost of renting a place is less. You could easily have your lunch while tasting all the goodies so keen are the producers for you to sample before buying. 

Anyway it is during one of those early morning trips with my old mum that I came across a stand of apples. Roger, the organic apple grower, offered a range of 17 varieties, some of which were totally unknown to me. I tasted Reinette, Maried de Bres, Delflopion, Antarès, Bagette D'Ete, and many more.I was so taken by the range in offer in comparison with the usual supermarket selection that my mum had to drag me away from the stand. The chef in me had taken over and already I was thinking about all the dishes I could create with those apples for the upcoming "Calvados Week" back at home and the apple-themed gastro dinner planned for  29th October. My thoughts turned to apple pie and tart, apple fritters with calvados sorbet......real cider and unsweetened apple juice.

I am not sure how many of those apples I will be able to source here but I am going to give it a good go and I am sure that with the skills and creativity of Marc in the kitchen and my newly discovered enthusiasm for the fruit we will be able to create something a bit different for you to sample.

So please put the date of the 29th of October

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