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The Street
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 Food on a stick

You can't miss it, perched right on the busy corner of Broughton Street, just at those annoying traffic lights that take ages, 'The Street' has become a familiar and comfortable friend to many Edinburgh folks. By day you can sit by the window and people watch the crowds go by over a cuppa or two. By evening you can move into the booths for a quick bite to eat and a cocktail or three and the popular weekend nightclub events ensure you can stay to the wee small hours should you so desire. 

A tempting new menu has popped up recently, street food style. Simplicity is key as the menu announces a section of 'things on sticks' followed by 'other things'. Well there's no point in making a fuss really is there. Everyone likes food on a stick don't they? And sure enough the coconut prawns as requested by my fellow diner were indeed on a stick and a very tasty stick it was too.
I opted for the falafel, and although less commonly found on sticks, this particular setup worked just as nicely and was served on a fluffy fresh flatbread.

Despite perusing the burgers and dogs options for mains and discussing the ‘crab and lobster burger’ possibility for an inordinately long time, we inevitably plonked for the Mexican section. 
The veggie chilli quesadilla bites were superb and the sides of guacamole and salsa dips were the perfect accompaniment with the right amount of tang. Although I initially feared I had under-ordered, this was soon fixed up by the side of moreish shoestring fries that I battled my companion for. My concern for the food served on wooden boards and newspaper turned out to be well founded as the chilli sauces which arrived so neatly presented soon dribbled and mixed into the paper and ink below. And the wooden knives and forks made this no easier to dine with. 

No matter, the other main across the table was the impressive Huervos Rancheros (hold the chorizo), and it was being yummed and ahhed over so much that I think I might just have to return at some point to work my way through the rest of the Mexican options. "Positively fantastic” it was declared and if you arrive early enough at the weekend you can order one of these with a Bloody Mary on the side for a tenner, bloody bargain! (K. Dorrat) 


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