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Languedoc Notebook - June
During the last few months , I have had the pleasure to introduce Bite readers to some old, but prized vegetables that can be found in villages around my home town of Bedarieux; navet du Pardaillan, onions de Lezignan, wild asparagus, chick peas from Carlencas, and the idea was to stay in my beloved Languedoc and sing the praises of the local larder...

Well, this month I am going to take you further afield to the beautiful island of Corsica. Every month at La Garrigue for our 'Gastronomique Tour De France' we organise a dinner around an area of France and the last one took us to Corsica. 
Wines for the evening were difficult to source but worth the effort and a credit to the Corsican vignerons. Don't be afraid to give them a try when you see them.

Whilst I don't pretend to know everything about food, I have been around for a while but Tiger Veal? That was a new one on me.

From his farm Fildirosa in Corsica, Jaques Abbatuci  is breeding this organic cattle  fed mainly with olives tree leaves, unique to the island and when the brand ambassador Guillaume Rodet mentioned it to me during my research on the island's
gastronomic heritage I really thought he was taking me for" daft tourist “.

But after lots of effort, telephone calls, e-mails, and the help of Peter at Campbell Prime Meats  the veal arrived at La Garrigue the day before the dinner just in time for me to practice my butcher's skills and prepared the joints.

I must add that in order to ensure authenticity, Mr Abbatuci  also send me 5 litres of “Salamou" the secret marinade used to basked  the veal while cooking. After 8hrs at 180 degrees and basked regularly, the veal was ready and what a treat! Meat that was tender, succulent and rich, but still light and moist, and the spicy, delicate sauce really added to the explosion of flavours; a moment to be cherish!

The feedback was so tremendous that an other evening in Corsica is planned for November but if you have not yet booked your holidays this summer think again as I am told the veal cooked and served at the Fildirosa farm restaurant is even better.....  

"À bientôt"

Jean Michel Gauffre is proprietor at La Garrigue at 31 Jeffrey Street - 0131 557 3032
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