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Holy Cow! 

Beef is a religion for the folks at Steak. They describe the restaurant as Edinburgh’s Mecca for meat-lovers, and with one glance at the menu, it’s easy to see why.

When it comes to meat, there’s a lot at Steak. Cheap puns aside, there really are a lot of options – you can choose the cut, size and age of your steak, as well as on the bone or not. You then select a sauce now including chimichurri and Café de Paris butter, alongside the usual classics. Not to mention sides. Steaks come with salad, mushroom and roasted tomatoes but potatoes can be new, mashed, sweet or fried with their skins and vegetables are varied though many come buttered and with bacon, so don’t expect anything too healthy.

Interestingly, despite the obvious focus on the sacred cow, the restaurant also offers a lamb option, two vegetarian dishes and two fish – the latter of which sounded so good they almost tempted me away from a juicy steak. It seemed wrong in a restaurant that obviously puts so much love and care into its meat, however, so I decided to join the other worshippers in a sirloin.

In between the starter of fat, delicate Scottish mussels cooked in wheat beer, smoked garlic and chervil, I had a few moments to absorb my surroundings, which were rather impressive. It’s a vast space, most unlike other Edinburgh restaurants, but the layout still creates a sense of cosiness and privacy. The focal point, the lit up red lettering over the bar, reminds us of the object of our devotion.

My steak was perfectly cooked and succulent, though it was the flavour that stood out. This may have had something to do with the mysterious ‘house glaze’. It was delicious with the sweet roasted vegetables which made a nice change from chips. My partner in crime had opted for the ’45 days salt chamber dry aged rib eye by Simon Howie’ and said it was far and away the best rib eye he’d ever had.

The evening was perfectly concluded by a creamy crème brulee with fresh berries, and we were converts. The comfortable and dramatic setting, excellent staff, varied menu options and last, but not least, the steak itself couldn’t fail to impress even the most avid meat lover. (D Spencer)



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