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Foodie Q and A with Heather MacLeod fm The Bevvy Sisters
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Who are you and what do you do? Heather Macleod. Singer, with The Bevvy Sisters www.bevvysisters.co.uk who release their second album Plan B at the end of March

How did you think of your name? Singing at a bar with two girlfriends, we thought it was a fine twist on The Beverley Sisters; our other option was the St Andrews Sisters.

What would you cook for a romantic dinner a deux? Seafood and Steak. 

Who would be your ideal date and why? My very soon husband to be! 

Well, he's the one and only - great conversation, craic and 'click', very pleasing on the eye. He loves his food too.

What would you drink? French martini aperitif, light white followed by deep red. Finish with brandy coffee.

What is the most romantic meal you have ever eaten? Where was it and why was it so romantic? A memorable meal at Stravaigin in Glasgow. A birthday meal and a rare wee window of time away together. Most recently an amazing meal at a locally run restaurant in Crete. Home- made 'village' sausages, lemon and rosemary chicken, and aubergine like I'd never tasted.

What is your idea of an aphrodisiac food? Seafood, particularly lobster.

What would be your ideal soundtrack for a romantic meal? Al Green, Etta James, Ray Charles - soul.

What is your favourite food/drink related song/piece of music and why?You Go To My Head. Beautiful melody that tallies perfectly with the lyric. A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird - Louis Prima, very cheeky.

 What is your favourite restaurant in Edinburgh and why! Fishers in Leith, although I'm interested in The Ship on the Shore as its environment is gorgeous.

 And elsewhere? Monica's in Crete.

 What is your fave bar and why? My 'local' for many years was Black Bo's, until it finally changed hands recently. lt felt a bit like Cheers! Home to travelling musos and kent faces. These days - Summerhall, The Royal Dick, very local as my office is based there.

Who would you most like to go out drinking with and why? If dead or alive - John Martyn for a large dash of madness, Stevie Wonder for a large dash of wonderment, Judi Dench 'cos I love her wry wit.  My hubby to be because it never happens.... ooh, I'd just dearly love the chance to just go out drinking. It's a long lost concept with a small child and a busy life!

What would you pack for a picnic? BBQ, pink fizz, plastic tumblers, pals, kids and music. Blanket with waterproof backing. We are in Scotland.

What would you order for a last meal? Lobster, Steak, Bevvy! Ooh, I haven't mentioned Stornoway Black Pudding, from my homeland, which would have to feature somewhere!


Launch parties for the new album take place in Edinburgh 28th Mar, Glasgow Glad Cafe 29th Mar and London, The Harrison, on Apr 9th.



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