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Teuchters Landing
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Teuchters Landing
1c Dock Place,
Leith, The Shore,
0131 554 7427
OPEN OUTSIDE 10.30am – 10pm on nice days; OPEN INSIDE 10:30am – 1am

It's been said many times but I make no apology for repetition, Scotland has arguably the best natural larder in the world.  The produce we harvest from the land and the sea is peerless. And to gild the lily we have the skill necessary to transform that produce into some very tasty creations be it at the hands of the butcher, the baker or the beer-maker.

Take Stornoway Black pudding for example.  In May of this year it was awarded protected status by the European commission thus securing its provenance and the recipe.  It is a phenomenally good ingredient and it is a source of distress to me that my partner in crime, Mr Bite, doesn't 'get' black pudding.

 Luckily, the chefs at gastro pub Teuchers Landing in Leith do get it and they have applied their skill to presenting Stornoway black pudding along with lots of other tasty Scottish ingredients in some wonderful dishes.

Cue the pork and Stornoway black pudding meatballs, with caramelised onion and balsamic gravy (small £4.95, large £7.95). I chose this from the Teuchters  'Mug Menu 'designed to accompany a pint, possibly whilst standing at the bar and comprises  selections which sit somewhere between a bar snack and a full blown meal.

I knew instinctively that moist pork and well seasoned pudding in this 'Mug of Balls' would marry well and the best man had to be a Sneaky Wee Orkney Stout from the Swannay Brewery (4.2%). I was spot on, the meatballs were lean and tasty and the caramelised notes in the beer harmonised with the sweet onion gravy. 

Mr Bite had chosen the Haggis Stovies, (£4.95, large £7.95) along with both a Jarl and a Knops East Coast Pale (both 3.8%).  The zingy lemony notes of the former really complemented the earthy root veg in the stovies and I preferred it to the Knops but Mr Bite fought the Knops corner saying that the toffee and caramel sweetness liked the spicy haggis.

A mug of Brewster tattie chips (£3.50, £4.95) with ketchup, mayo and chippy sauce were also enjoyed and Crieff oatcakes, long and ideal for dunking, were served with the mugs which come in half and pint size portions. Apparently a mug of Mac 'n' Cheese (£4.95, £6.95) is the bestseller and I noted that a mug of Fish Curry (£4.95, £7.95) would have gone very well with the Jarl.

The Mug Menu also includes dessert options and a toothsome portion of Marshmallows with Hot Chocolate Dipping Sauce (£2.95, 4.50) would have been just the ticket with the coffee and bitter chocolate elements of the Sneaky Wee Orkney Stout.

 Of course the stout will also complement perfectly some creamy Loch Creran oysters which will be in full seasonal swing by the time you read this. Teuchters are sure to have plenty as they obviously make it their business to source the very best of all produce.

Sitting in front of the woodburner on this particular Autumn evening though,  we decided to share an all Scottish Cheese Slate comprising Morangie Brie, Dunsyre Blue, Gruth Dhu, Drumloch Cheddar and Campbeltown Smoked Applewood (£10.95) with artisan oatcakes, crackers and quince (£7.95, £10.95 to share).

We had William Bros Ceilidh lager alongside the cheese which didn't really work although this is no reflection on the beer. It is a very good lager and we had just selected badly in terms of food and beer tasting. Perhaps we were blinded by choice. Teuchters has plenty of taps and can be relied upon for real ales, craft ales and lagers. Apparently the Innis and Gunn draft lager is as popular as the mac 'n' cheese mug and I again, imagine another good match.

Decisions, decisions! Teuchters   offers so much in terms of a pub, pontoon, sister restaurant next door (a room in Leith), plus a variety of menus. Phew! This pub is like Scotland in miniature, a Caledonian cornucopia of beer, whisky, meat, fish, seafood and cheese.

If you are feeling patriotic this St Andrews Day, watching the rugby or if you just love your country's produce Teuchters Landing is a very safe bet.

Mug Menu served daily in the bar and outside from 12 noon-10pm.





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