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At food market outside J Lewis every Saturday, Grassmarket every 2nd Sat; also at Henderson's and Broughton St Deli and online. Cookery Classes and Gift Vouchers also available.

Mademoiselle Macaron appeared in Edinburgh during the summer sporting some serious cat-eye glasses and hundreds of macarons.

A cheeky Scottish lassie, Mademoiselle fell in love with macarons and patisserie while living in Paris. After a trip to the Alain Ducasse cookery school she returned to Scotland with the weapons she needed to bring macarons to the good people of Edinburgh. Bite posed a few questions.

Where can we find your macarons?

You can find me at food markets every weekend; every second Saturday at the Grassmarket and the food market outside John Lewis every Saturday. During the week you can head to Broughton Street Deli and Hendersons Deli who stock my macarons. We regularly provide macarons for private parties, weddings and birthdays.

What are your best selling flavours?

Without a doubt it's salted caramel. Our more unusual flavours include Hendricks Gin and Innis and Gunn Beer - we figured it'd be great to add a Scottish element to a French product and it makes sense this ingredient is alcohol.

Can we buy your macarons for Christmas presents?

Yes! At the moment we don't send macarons through the post but this Christmas you can buy gift boxes  from our stockists at Broughton Street Deli and Hendersons. We deliver larger private orders of macarons to addresses in Edinburgh. We're very excited about our Christmas macaron towers. They hold 40 macarons and come in a great package that is set up to be an eye catching centre piece. You can order them online and from our stockists. 

What gave you the idea to design such a large beehive hairstyle for yourself?

All the illustrations are done by my friend who runs A Waste of Paint Productions. She saw me sport the Brigitte Bardot Beehive and it made itself onto the brand logo. We'll soon make the macaron illustrations available to customers to buy, they're très funny.

Do you give away your recipe secrets?

We run macaron classes every month and are fortunate to use the kitchen at the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine. Vouchers for classes and our booking system are available on our website.

What's in the future for mademoiselle?

At the moment I'm looking for premises to open my own wee patisserie. In France food is an experience and not just a product so I'd love to offer that experience to the Edinburgh population.

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