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The Potting Shed
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The Potting Shed
32 Potterrow,
EH8 9BT,
0131 662 9788

Despite its homespun gardening theme The Potting Shed is a very efficient operation.

Line drawn characters such as Angus with his allotment and his wife Morag may be the inspiration for this bar of reclaimed, up-cycled wood and artefacts but ‘Angus’s ’Tropical Forres Pale Ale and ‘Morag’s’ Rhubarb Vesper arrive with military precision. Mr Bite and me have taken refuge and are huddled in a nook of ‘The Herb Garden’ during a very busy festival.

We decide that drinks will suffice for starters and move swiftly to choosing main courses of Beetroot Risotto for me and Steak and Capital Ale Porter Pie for him.

The pass is visible from our slightly raised mezzanine table so I watch my risotto being prepped. It is ferried to the table in all its purple glory and garnished to boot with a gigantic Cheddar snap plus edible orange and yellow marigolds. This could easily be too full-on as there are chunks of beet throughout the Arborio but I like beets and handfuls of Mull Cheddar have been liberally thrown in so that any overly earthy notes are tempered by strong cheese. I loved it.

Mr Bite is equally complimentary of his pie. Chunky, tasty meat and a very smooth mash which when I swoop in for a cheeky forkful reveals lots of thyme and butter. Mr Bite even likes the veg but the tropical ale with its mango and banana notes were not quite the right accompaniment so the poor soul had to order another pint. This time Wolf from Allendale Brewery which was dark and complex and thus better suited to the steak. Any excuse.

Puddings had to be sampled so I chose Strawberries & Vanilla Parfait, Brandy Snap, Fresh Strawberries, Wild Strawberry Sorbet, Micro Basil, Vanilla Sponge & Strawberry Jam. This was an ambitious sounding dessert which didn’t quite live up to its description for me although the general strawberries and cream theme was pleasant enough. Mr Bite really loved his upside down orange and Cointreau cheesecake though. It was presented in a mini watering can and again the blood orange sorbet was knock out.

The Potting Shed has a menu of crowd pleasers which are distinguished by excellent execution, good ingredients and thoughtful, fun presentation.

So don your pinny, clink a jam jar of cordial and get down and dirty at The Potting Shed. (S. Wilson)

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