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The Lucky Liquor Co.
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The Lucky Liquor Co.
– 39A Queen Street,
0131 226 3976
4pm to 1am, daily

Definition of good luck - walking along Queen St, stopping and then taking your cue from the large neon arrow enticing you to enter the Lucky Liquor Co.
Definition of bad luck - walking along Queen St, stopping, seeing the arrow and then deciding to ignore it and continue walking. 

Trust me, you want to follow that neon arrow. This is Jason Scott and Mike Aikman's third place after Bramble and The Last Word Saloon and, like its stable mates, it doesn't disappoint. Certainly different to the other two, after all there is a fair amount of natural light and it is largely above ground (for lovers of the subterranean there is a small basement you can retire to), don't let its apparent simplicity fool you. This place does classic cocktail making at its best. 

A cocktail menu of 13 drinks, based upon a back bar of just 13 spirits (and only 1 gin) may give the impression of scrimping, a lack of knowledge or simply a place bereft of imagination. All of these couldn't be further from the truth. This is a place where a lot of thought and imagination has gone in to crafting drinks that marry unusual flavours in delightful and surprising ways. It's a place where they take great time and care in creating their own liqueurs, their own syrups, their own tinctures and even their own garnishes - air dried lemon, rolled banana leaves! I could tell you in detail about each of the drinks Robin (our host) made from the menu but it changes every three months and part of the fun is taking a chance and being lucky. Suffice to say the Jack Rose Revisited at £8.75 (the most expensive cocktail on the menu) was easily well worth the cost and D's Baroness at £7.25 was a wonderful combination of banana and lemon with a hint of cardamom. The Lucky 13 (£7.00 pictured) is simply one of the best summer sippers I've had, served in one of the quirkiest cocktail glasses I've drunk out of. 

If you don't fancy anything on the menu, then why not challenge Robin to create something based on your favourite flavours. I don't doubt you'll be pleasantly surprised with what he comes up with. 

It also has an off licence so you can try, then buy and make at home. It takes more than luck to come up with something as good as this. So go on, don't leave it to chance, be a winner and head to the Lucky Liquor Co. (M. Earl)

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