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Summer Vegetables
Summer Vegetables

Fancy some fermented mares' milk?

It's that time of year where the kids have taken a break from the education system and we all try to escape from either the Scottish summer (midges and rain) or the school holidays. There are plenty of festivals across the globe that may tickle your fancy and are mostly childfree. You could do no worse than head to Mongolia for the manly sports fest of Naadam. After quaffing a refreshing bowl of airag, a bitter drink made from fermented mares' milk, have a quick game of Shagai, a local version of skittles played with sheep bones.

Our next stop could only have been thought up by our antipodean cousins - The Beer Can Regatta held in Darwin, reputedly the beer-drinking capital of the world. A relatively new festival that started in the mid 70s when construction workers sought employment after Cyclone Tracey. The amount of tinnys they drank produced a litter problem that was solved by a local who suggested they build boats out of the tins and hold a regatta.

One of my favourite places, Key West, holds its' Hemingway Look-Alike Contest this month. So if you've got a beard, barrel chest and a booming voice, join other hopefuls, at Sloppy Joe's Bar, where 'Papa' spent most of the 1930s knocking back daiquiris. I speak from experience; these are some of the best rum-based cocktails you will find. So if the weather is being hospitable, fire up the barbie, dig out a copy of A Moveable Feast and chill with a daiquiri or two - perfect with this month's recipe!

Salad of Warm Summer Vegetables

A mix of green vegetables - courgettes, broad beans, peas, mangetout, runner beans (you get my drift)

Large bunch mint

Spring onions

Feta cheese

Juice of a lemon

Several glugs of oil

Salt and pepper


  • Par boil veg except courgettes, they need to be sliced thinly and char-grilled.
  • Chop cooked veggies while still warm and place in a pretty bowl.
  • Chop the onions and rip the mint, throw in the bowl.
  • Pour lemon juice and oil over everything.
  • Season, toss then crumble the feta on top.


Excellent with BBQ meats and shoved into flatbreads.

What else is in my basket?

Lamb, wild trout, clams, pike, garlic, aubergine, cherries, peaches, blackcurrants

Lea writes http://OfftheEatenTrack.wordpress.com and is @BakersBunny on Twitter

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