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Seasonal Pairings - July 2013
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The London revolution of Tapas and Cava bars à la Polpo and Copita hasn't quite made its way to Edinburgh, but it's just a matter of time before we see a new wave of Spanish eateries in town. This revival of tapas establishments has brought Sherry into the limelight and thrown off its 'granny' stereotype.

One of the special things about sherry is its versatility - it has a remarkable way of fitting into every occasion. So it's worth having a play around with it before that sherry bus gets to town.

Remember that a little goes a long way but just like wine, it doesn't keep.

Fino and Manzanilla

Perfect for anytime, from a civilised sip when the sun's just over the yard arm to some serious food matching. They combine the freshness of green olives and sliced apple with a salty almond savouriness.  Great with Iberian ham, manchego cheese and olives as well as sushi, asparagus and smoked fish.

Fino is a bit 'softer' than Manzanilla which is drier, lighter and slightly more bitter.

Look out for the term 'en rama' on the label, a limited edition unfiltered sherry which has more intense flavours.

Wine Society Fino Sherry  £5.75

Amontillado or Pasado

A halfway house between Fino or Manzanilla and Oloroso this has all the savouriness of the Fino with some added depth and flavour. Sherry is not know for it's fruitiness and at this point you begin to lose the 'fresh' apple flavour and get more of the almond and walnut nuttiness. It's much more full bodied so although you can drink this on its own I'd be heading down the cured and smoked meat route, or maybe a saffron- infused rice dish.

B.Rodriguez 'Goyesco' Drinkmonger £11.25



The king of all sherries, this is rich in the mouth and very intensely flavoured with a mixture of dried fruit, nuts and just a hint of that saltiness you find in Fino. It can be sweet or dry and in its driest forms it's a perfect foil to soy sauce, mushrooms and game, particularly smoked venison.

Jerezana Dry Oloroso, Waitrose £9.75



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