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The Huxley
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The Huxley
1 Rutland Street,
0131 229 3402
Food served: 8am -10pm

Have you noticed? The Rutland Bar has transformed into “The Huxley". It has undergone a thorough refurbishment and its traditional, somewhat faded décor, now has a vintage Americana feel. A revitalized menu contributes with its unique take on hot dogs, burgers and sharer plates. With high-end 'burger joints' firmly on-trend for some time now, The Huxley's claim to have 'perfected the burger' is a bold statement; one which my friend and I were all too happy to test.

I ordered The Reuben (Swiss cheese, grilled sauerkraut - £8.75) and my friend chose The Mexican (chipotle spice, avocado, sour cream, and pickled jalapeños salsa - £8.75) both are served with American-style skinny fries. “The burgers are cooked quite pink" our waiter enthused (a warning or a boast depending on your viewpoint). 

"Perfect" we thought.

Although not huge, these burgers still hit a fair height causing you to hit pause whilst you strategise eating them. They are cooked just long enough to retain flavour without losing juiciness by a chef who obviously has some mean grill skills. There is an intense meaty hit upon first attack, the kind only the highest quality mince ensures. Prepare for the possibility of warm juices dribbling down your chin.

Protein lovers will fall head over heels but my friend and I had one gripe. The other components of the dish designed to complement your burger lacked punch; for example, my sauerkraut lacked the sharpness and acidity required to cut through the meat.

 Placed perfectly to cater for the after-work crowd The Huxley has refined itself to this end. The surroundings now feel more relaxed. The dishes are not too hefty and the bar still holds the same comprehensive range of drinks as its predecessor.

 “Clever dishes made with quality ingredients" is the brave new world of The Huxley.  (D. King)

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