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Venison Wellington, squash, wild mushrooms & blackcurrant sauce
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4 x 90g portions of venison loin

100g button mushroom

100g wild mushroom

50g shallots

1 x chicken breast

2 egg whites

100ml double cream

Salt and pepper


8 slices of Parma ham

Pre rolled puff pastry


Ingredients for garnish:


1 x butternut squash

100g butter

100g mixed wild mushrooms

120ml veal jus

1 punnet blackcurrants


To make Wellington:

  1. Blend the chicken breast in robot coupe and add egg white
  2. Put chicken mix into bowl and season and slowly fold in the double cream
  3. Blend the button mushrooms in the robot coupe, finely chop the wild mushrooms and shallots
  4. Gently fry the shallots in a pan without colour until soft the add in both mushrooms and cook until cooked and mix is dry, cool down
  5. Mix the mushroom mix into the chicken mousse
  6. Fry off the venison loin to get a golden colour on all side.
  7. When venison is cool cover all sides with the chicken and mushroom mix, then wrap in Parma ham, and then wrap in puff pastry
  8. Cook Wellingtons at 220oc for approximately  20 minutes


For garnish:

1. Peel butternut squash, cut into half

2. First half is to make a butternut purée, dice roughly then sauté in pan with the half butter without colouring then add a little water and seasoning and cover with lid

3. When squash is soft, purée and season

4. With the other half of squash nicely dice

5. Slice wild mushrooms

6. Sauté off the diced squash with the rest of the butter in pan until golden add the sliced mushrooms, cook and season until soft

7. Heat up veal jus and drop blackcurrants into jus


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