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Hopetoun House Farm Shop
Hopetoun House Farm Shop
West Lothian,
EH52 6QZ
01506 830 716

Hopetoun Farm Shop offers some of Scotland's finest foods including fresh local produce from the surrounding Hopetoun Estate plus a wide range of produce from award winning Scottish suppliers.Open 7 days a week the Farm Shop butchery provides a range of fresh beef, lamb, game and poultry whilst the delicatessen offers a mouth watering selection of Scottish cheeses, pies, cakes and cold meats. .

Hopetoun Poultry

Kelly Bronze Turkeys £11.99 kg

Kelly Bronze Turkey Breast £17.49 kg

Duck £9.98 kg

Geese £17.98 kg

Capon Style Chickens £17.98 each

Free Range Chickens £13.98 each

Pheasants £5.50 each

Hopetoun Beef

Rib Roast bone in, T-Bone Steaks, Sirloin Steaks,

Fillet Steak, Rolled Sirloin, Rolled Topside and Rolled



Hopetoun Venison

Haunch, Rolled Haunch, Rack of Venison and Rolled

Loin of Venison.


Hopetoun Lamb

Legs of Lamb, Rolled Leg Lamb, Rack of Lamb and

Rolled Loin of Lamb.


Scottish Pork and Bacon

Leg of Pork, Rolled Gigot of Pork

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