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Bacco Wine
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Bacco Wine
136 Dundas Street,
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Bacco Wines believes that our planet gives us fantastic wines to taste and to make our lives more pleasurable. If we want to keep enjoying them we need to respect the environment or one day all this will be over. It is for this reason that we support producers with the same principles. This is also a warranty of quality and all our customers can be sure to taste the difference when a wine is made in a natural way and with the maximum care. Your head and body will also feel the difference the next morning, after a night you had a glass too much!


The owner, Valerio lo Coco, was born in Tuscany, where some of the best wines in the world come from. Growing up in his family restaurant and country house allowed him to be in contact with the nature and all the best producers in the area. Thanks to his direct knowledge of the region and the country, he chooses personally a selection of truly unique products, many of which from organic and biodynamic farms.


Imported directly from Italy, all the wines offer great value and the perfect compromise between quality and price.


Whether you are a wine enthusiast or you are a professional  you can order the products online or send an email. Get in touch for your wedding or special event, or your special day something stylish and unforgettable with personalized labels, designed by professional designers.


We can create full wine lists for your restaurant or bar and collaborate with you to make it a special experience for all your customers.


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