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Cafe Musa
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Cafe Musa
16 North Bank Street,
The Mound,
0131 226 7809
Mon- Fri 8am-6pm & Sat 10am-6pm

An actor is perhaps not the best person to accompany one to afternoon tea. Cakes are probably the nemesis of those in the 'biz'. But what my friend Lindsey Lee lacks in experienced face-stuffing she makes up for in entertainment value; I am sure I got an abs workout from laughing so hard.


This was handy and I had ordered 'The Full Monty'; Afternoon Tea for Two if you please. And at £8.50 a pop it was superb value for money.


The teas are from Love Loose Teas and we sampled Perky Peppermint, Chocolate Peppermint and Ginger. All were stunningly fresh tasting and served in quaint glass pots.


We had chosen teas to aid digestion because the Afternoon Tea is a vertiginous mountain of finger sandwiches, tray bakes, cakes and sweet and savoury scones. The smoked salmon with cream cheese was luscious. The simple addition of dill was a welcome attention to detail that is so complementary you wonder why others don't follow suit. Egg, chicken and ham sandwiches were equally good and outstanding for their generous fresh and tasty fillings. Lindsay had a savoury cheese scone which she loved despite the fact that she had distractedly spread clotted cream on it!


Up to the second layer of the stand which contained carrot cake, chocolate and beetroot brownie, yoghurt and cranberry tray bake and millionaire  shortbread. And yes you heard me correctly we are still only on the second layer! The yoghurt and cranberry slice had a nice crisp base with plenty of fruit, the shortbread was dreamy with soft caramel, the brownie made perfectly moist and dark by the beetroot; a generous slice of carrot cake in no way disappointed.


Our top layer of treats consisted of scones with cream and jam but we had asked for a doggy bag.


This little café is perfectly charming. From the paintings on the walls, the gifts, the display of cakes and treats and the friendly service from Brad, our waiter for the afternoon. Café Musa is perched at the top of the mound but just back from the hubbub. This makes it a peaceful haven although slightly hard to find. It could do with a better sign.


Find out more about Lindsey Lee Wilson on http://www.lindseyleewilson.co.uk

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