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This Leith Fish and Chip shop is part of Edinburgh's food heritage that began around the turn of the century. In the late 19th/early 20th century many Italians escaping poverty in Italy were heading for a better life in America and stopped off in Scotland. Initially working as 'hokey pokey' men, selling ice cream from barrows they soon combined  ice cream making with selling fish and chips. Restaurants and takeaways were established and sold food made using ingredients widely available in Scotland - fish and potatoes.


One look at the menu of this takeaway and you can see the origins. Traditional Italian favourites such as calzone , pizzas and pastas combine with ice-cream and fish and chips. If you are a local or a tourist there is nothing better than buying a 'fish supper' and heading to the shore to eat it outside with your fingers. Why does a fish supper always taste best eaten this way?


Pierinos also sells the Scottish speciality, the deep fried Mars Bar and an Edinburgh staple, the bottle of Chip Shop Sauce.


Loved by Leithers even michelin starred chef,  Martin Wihsart had given this chip shop his blessing, "one of Edinburgh's best fish suppers and this is where I go to treat myself at least once a month"

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