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Our fair city has, once again, seen her girth expand over the past month; now she's loosening her corset and relaxing as the Fringe gorged revellers head home. The weather may have been erratic but hopefully September will be more temperate, burgeoning with a late summer glut of delights and Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight.


I know that this column is about what's in season, but my favourite meat isn't seasonal -   the pig. You can't beat a juicy, succulent piece of pork with the requisite crunchy, crispy crackling. My recipe for the Italian roast, porchetta, is just a list of ingredients. Use whatever you fancy, and whatever size piece of meat suits; I always get a bigger piece because a) I'm greedy and b) I love cold pork sarnies with apple sauce! The last time I made this, I was lucky enough to get hold of suckling pig from George Bower in Stockbridge and it was cracking. If you can, buy free range Scottish pork, but I don't really need to tell you that now do I, my lovely readers?


Lea's Porchetta

Pork shoulder

Cloves garlic, roughly chopped x 4

Large handful herbs (I used parsley, rosemary, marjoram, fennel) roughly chopped Grated lemon zest

Oil = 4 tblsps

Sea salt & pepper (try pink peppercorns)

Large glass of white wine



Mix together garlic, herbs, lemon and 1tblsp of oil.


If your pork has already been tied up, remove string. Place skin side down on a board, season flesh with salt and pepper then rub with herb mix.


Re- tie the meat, it doesn't have to be professional but must be tight. Put into a roasting tin, rub the skin with a little oil and pour the rest into the tin along with the wine. Dust the skin with salt.


Slam into a preheated oven 180C/160C fan/Gas 4. Cooking time will be dependant on size of joint so 25 mins per pound plus 20 mins over. If crackling's not crispy, remove from joint and place in a lava hot oven for 5 mins. Rest for 10-15 mins and cut into thick slabs, pour over meat juices, serve with broken shards of crackling.


What else is in my basket?

Grouse, partridge, wild duck, fennel, cobnuts, truffles, sloes, plums, mackerel, crab.



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