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Innis & Gunn Pop Up at Potterrow
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from 11am - 3am for the festival
The Innis & Gunn Pop Up Bar is at 32 Potterrow for the duration of the festival. One o Clock Gunn Sampling Session Everyday!

Men like meat. They also like beer. If you needed further proof you should have been at a recent dinner organised by Innis & Gunn.


Masterchef contestant and private chef Ross Boyce was in the kitchen and most of the diners were men. I mention this because I often attend female-dominated foodie events. Obviously the key to getting your men out to eat is - design a delicious pork themed dinner and provide lots of good local beer.


We started with 'Snacks', Mr Trotter's great British pork crackling, with black pudding and toffee apple popcorn as a companion. The crackling was a big crunchy salty hit which proceeded to dissolve in the mouth and coat it with flavour; a swig of Innis and Gunn Blonde washed it down nicely.


Formal 'Starters' followed and were sublime. Pork buns, Momofuku-style were steamed sock- puppet shaped buns. Sumptuous dough contained meltingly tender pork. Next, a Vietnamese-style noodle salad with pork burgers; delicate noodles in an intense, savoury broth; juicy and aromatic minced meat.


The 'Main Event' consisted of three dishes, baby back ribs with an Innis & Gunn peri peri glaze, bbq pork and pulled pork, spiked with an Innis & Gunn Rum Finish beer. The ribs were very well received and the sides of pickles were stupendously good. Pickled fennel, pickled onion, and pickled cucumber, were all sweet, sharp, aromatic. By now we had moved on to Innis & Gunn Rum finish, a dark red beer with spicy notes. BBQ pork was flavoursome but too dry, the pulled pork was soft, tender, shredded meat with sweet caramel notes courtesy of the beer. By now, many of the guests were becoming defeated by the sheer amount of pig being served. Table talk was of impending meat sweats.


Dessert was I&G Canada Day ice-cream which I really liked. Pinhead oatmeal provided interest and texture and a touch of savoury bitterness. A shard of crisp bacon didn't add anything and was a mistake.


Ross Boyce can cook sublime food. When he tempers his ambition slightly he is at his best. This meal was right up his street. Sophisticated food levelled by the sentence “All served family-style, so roll up your sleeves and get stuck in". The matching of pork dishes with Innis & Gunn beers was an inspiration and I doubt whether any wines could have fared better overall. I would gladly do it all again.

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