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Elderflower Infused Edinburgh Gin

A real taste of summer!


On a truly miserable July afternoon in which I'd already been drenched twice due to the unseasonably inclement weather I finally got a glimpse of how summer should be! A warm, bright golden sun against a clear blue sky, swifts darting overhead as they feed on the wing and a long, crisp, refreshing drink in hand. Okay so the sun didn't appear in a depressingly grey sky and I still haven't seen a swift searching for food, but I did get to try that drink. Ah well, as Meatloaf couldn't quite bring himself to say, one of three ain't bad.


Anyway onto that drink. I have to be honest; it's not quite true to say I got to try my wonderful summer drink in all its glory. What I did get is glimpses of what it could be, a few fleeting moments of bliss, a mere hint of the seductions that lie ahead if that darned Jet Stream would stop meandering over the UK and head back north where it belongs. And what set me off on my day dreams of meadows, nymphs and never ending summer evenings? A lovely little liqueuresque libation called Elderflower Infused Edinburgh Gin.


What's not to like about this addition to the summer drink portfolio? It's local, produced by the Spencerfield Spirit Company, its base is their small batch award winning Edinburgh Gin (an excellent gin it its own right) and it has just the right balance to make it a great addition to any cocktail cabinet. On its own, there's a strong aroma of elderflower, a pleasing sweetness, with floral overtones and a hint of juniper on the palate. You know this is made from gin and not some neutral grain spirit.


However it's as an ingredient in cocktails that it will come into its own. A must for a GE&T with 1 measure of Edinburgh Gin, 1/2 measure of Elderflower Gin, served in a tall glass, over ice and topped up with a damned fine tonic and garnished with a slice of lemon. Other flavours that will go great with the Elderflower Gin are juniper (obviously), apple, ginger, rhubarb, citrus, summer berries and cucumber.


Get hold of a bottle (available from Vino at £18 for a 50cl bottle) and try making your own summer concoctions. You can also try it (along with their other mouth-watering infusion - Raspberry Gin) at a number of bars in town including Joseph Pearce on Elm Row and its sister bars. ( M.Earl)





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