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Cook School by Martin Wishart
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Cook School by Martin Wishart
14 Bonnington Road,
0131 555 6655
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Do your sauces split? Is your gravy lumpy? Does your gnocchi resemble ammunition? Don't panic. I recently attended the Cook School by Martin Wishart and help is at hand.


I can cook, but not expertly. So I confess I was a little nervous about attending the school but I assume most people feel the same way.


There was no need. On arrival I met and chatted to my fellow classmates (a group of friendly foodies) and we were introduced to our host and teacher, 'Chef Kevin'.


We each had our own Masterchef-style station and Kevin discussed the menu for the day. This being an Italian class we were going to cook, goat's cheese and truffle gnocchi with an asparagus and parmesan glaze, guinea fowl with pancetta and golden raisins, and amaretto parfait with poached pear and praline. The day lasts from 9am to 3.30pm and you can expect to cook about 90% of your food. There are lots of demos and chat from Chef Kevin and the kitchen fairies magically clean up your station and keep you right as you go. You also get to eat your (delicious, if I do say it myself) food and share wine with your classmates in the convivial setting of the private dining room.


One of the benefits of cooking classes are the tips. It is often the small things that can transform your cooking. For example, frying gnocchi rather than poaching it results in a far lighter dish. Half way through the day I met my nemesis in the form of a pasta machine but by now I had learnt and applied the mantra 'it's all in the dough' and my

pasta swept smoothly through the silver appliance.


Another benefit of the class is that Kevin inspires you and gives you the tools to be more ambitious with your home cooking. He makes it appear achievable, even, dare I say it, easy.


I was certainly inspired. The pasta machine has been dusted off and the next class I fancy, Practical French Cookery, beckons!



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