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Barwheys Dairy
KA19 7JS
+44 1655 750163
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A truly local cheese!

 Barwheys Dairy produce handmade hard Ayrshire cheese of the highest quality. It has  a long and complex flavour. This rich hard cheese hits your tongue with a slightly tart first note, before the taste gives way to subtle hints of nut and caramel. The cheese has a creamy texture with just the merest hint of crumble.

Each week Barwheys handmake forty-five truckles of cheese. Once pressed the rounds are wrapped in traditional cotton cheesecloth and nursed carefully as they age on wooden shelves for between twelve and eighteen months.

 They fine-tune their recipe to match the changing milk. So cheeses made from summer milk are slightly more creamy and yellow, whereas winter cheeses tend to be sweeter and paler. As you eat Barwheys you can pick up on the other unique notes that are created as our cows' diet changes with the seasons and the land.

As well as Barwhey's flagship cheese, Bite also  tasted a winter cheese that had been smoked over whisky barrel shavings in a local smokehouse. The whisky flavour lingers pleasantly. A yellower smoked cheese was a summer cheese made in June 2011 from milk from cows grazing outside on Ayrshire pasture.

Try cheese with a mellow pint of ale, a glass of crisp cider, a deep glass of full-blooded red wine, or a sip of port.

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