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Consume Ethically this Xmas


1. Send your Christmas cards by e-mail or buy cards made from recycled paper. Then recycle the ones you receive when the holidays are over.


2. Buy presents from antique shops, second-hand stores or flea markets.


3. Treat your family and friends to experiences such as a gym membership, theatre or concert tickets, dinner for two, a day at the local spa, magazine subscriptions or support a charity in their name.


4. Give away gifts of organic food and drink or food and drink produced locally.


5. Make your own gifts. Give your family and friends home-made jam, chutneys, cakes or truffles as presents.


6. Buy gifts from local artists and your local craftsmen.


7. Serve organic food and drink or locally produced food and drink at your Christmas parties.


8. Avoid using disposable cups, plates and cutlery. Try to borrow any extra cups, plates and cutlery you need for Christmas from family or friends.


9. Try to avoid using tin foil and reuse tin foil if possible.


10. Choose wrapping paper made from recycled materials. Save this year's wrapping paper and reuse it next year.


11. Avoid products with an unnecessary amount of packaging and products which require batteries or other consumables.


12. Support your local charity shops and buy fair trade products when possible.


Written by Lise Gulbransen for Bite in 2006 and still relevant!

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