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Los Cardos
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Los Cardos
281 Leith Walk,
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0131 555 6619
Sun-Thurs 12-9pm; Fri and Sat 12-10pm;
Delivery - 7 Nights

Hello, my name's Louise and I'm addicted to quesadilla. Quesadilla loaded with succulent, slow cooked pork, extra spicy salsa, cheese and lashings of fresh, homemade guacamole, to be exact.

Los Cardos can be found halfway down Leith Walk, but don't let the unassuming glass exterior fool you - inside you'll find a bustling takeaway filled with locals ordering burritos, fajitas and the other usual Mexican suspects.

Chatting to owner Neil, I discovered his passion for food ran deeper than simply growing up in a part of America with a heavy Hispanic influence.

"To tell the truth," he leaned in, "this place is just a cover-up for my burrito addiction."

And soon, I too saw the light.

Feeling a little adventurous I ordered the haggis burrito (£6.05) with fajita veg - move aside deep fried Mars Bar? - And I couldn't resist a cheeky pork quesadilla (£6.15) with extra guacamole (£1.35). I agreed to eat half the quesadilla then swap with my boyfriend Rob, so we could try both.

The food was everything good takeaway should be - generously portioned, indulgent and tasted oh so fresh. From the first bite of quesadilla I was beyond words - I was in Mexican pulled pork heaven. A sudden panic gripped me that soon I would have to part with one half of this masterpiece, so I forgot all my lady graces, closed my eyes and enjoyed every dreamy bite.

When it came time to swap I wept (well, almost), I did not want to part with my new found love. Reluctantly I passed over the quesadilla and started work on the haggis burrito. The fusion of Mexican and Scottish flavours was certainly exciting, and worked nicely with the spicy fajita veg.

Aside from the extra spicy sauce needing a bit more heat and the rice a little more flavouring, all in all Los Cardos was the best takeaway I've eaten in a long time.

One thing I noticed whilst waiting for my order in the takeaway was a steady stream of locals coming in the door, and repeat customers can only mean one thing - Neil and I are not alone, this delicious food is pretty damn addictive. (L. Boyd)








July 2011


A huge hit now for many years in the US, Tex Mex done fast and well is making its much-welcomed way to Edinburgh, first with Illegal Jack's on Lothian Road, and indeed to Leith in the form of Los Cardos. Owner Neil has spent a lot of time across the pond (he's part Coloradan and his wife is the real deal) and found himself realising the potential of the burrito-to-go back in bonny Scotland. It was there, also, that he pondered the possibility of marrying the tastes of two countries with his signature haggis burrito. As an American in Scotland, I of course had to get to the bottom of this!


With a fellow American and burrito connoisseur as co-taste tester, Los Cardos had a tough audience but needn't worry about anything at all. The first sign of satisfaction came with the tortilla chips,which (for us) must be housemade, and they are. Their accompaniment was the housemade salsas, which are such proven successes that two of them (Medium Verde and Roastin' Red) are now bottled and available to enjoy in abundance en tu casa.


Next up I had the soft taco trio (prices vary depending on what fillings you choose, up to £6 for 3).  I chose a mix of fillings, my favorite of which was the carnitas: pulled pork that's slow-cooked, marinated in verde salsa and uber succulent. The vegetarian filling was a surefire hit with hot blackbeans, grilled peppers and onions plus all the fixings. And, of course, I had to further research their unique concept by quickly devouring a haggis-filled taco and found it wildly delicious and not at all something worth the apprehension I experienced beforehand. It just works.


Now, the burrito (Up to £6). Balmoral chicken anyone? Filled with both haggis and chicken, pinto and black beans, rice, sour cream, salsa and cheese, it was enormous in both size and flavour and, sigh,  mind-bogglingly great. The 'red tractor chicken' was grilled and marinated in their chili-citrus concoction. Yum. We both also noted the tasty, fresh soft tortilla - truly a special thing from our perspective.


Go onto justeat.com to drool over the menu and get yourself the delights of Los Cardos delivered right to your door. (K Smith)



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