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Sandy Ramsay, W’est Solutions

May 2011

Pantastico Pantastico

From the famous Tuscan region comes Pantastico Nettuno! Tuscany is generally known for its charming rolling countryside, artistic legacy, and of course, its wine. 

Pantastico comes from a small village just south of Rome called Nettuno. Nettuno is a beautiful, small seaside resort on the Tyrrhenian coast. This region has always been renowned for the fertility of its land which is located just behind the borders of the coastline. It is here that Cacchione is grown.


For centuries, this territory has been home to the splendid indigenous white grape variety of Cacchione (also known as Bellone), which thrives in its silicon-rich soil. It is the soil that lends itself to the mineral aspects and the coastal winds that create the acidity within the wine.


Pantastico Nettuno is produced from ungrafted, old vines of the Cacchione varietal. Pantastico Nettuno is made from 100% Cacchione grapes aged in stainless steel tanks for four months.


The review: Pantastico Nettuno's colour is impressive. It holds a wonderful Champagne yellow, and for a moment I thought I could see a slight bubble. The nose boasts ripe pear fruit and hints of chrysanthemum flowers. On the palate it is light but incredibly persistent as the acidity creates a long, lingering finish. Pink grapefruit was most pronounced but balanced off as the mouthfeel was round and somewhat soft. This is a fresh, full-bodied white with abundant fruit which assisted in balancing the acidity perfectly.


This wine would be best paired with white fish dishes, chicken, pork and vegetable dishes.


You can find this exact wine at Henderson Wines in Edinburgh for approximately£9.99 per bottle. Just another little gem from Italy.









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