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March 2011

I scream for ice cream?


It's March, 3 degrees, there's a glimmer of spring sunshine with the odd hail storm thrown in and you want to eat ice cream?  Only the 'best' ice cream will do?  You want ice cream that's been lovingly nurtured by an artisan ice cream maker? Ice cream that is gimmick free....ice cream that is bursting with flavour....ice cream that looks like ice cream should look?


Ice cream lovers, your search is over. Help is on hand by the scoopful.  And what's more, those delectable scoopfuls are available at this French-inspired patisserie every day of the year, come rain or shine, all masterfully created by the lovely Martin Wilson of La Cerise in Leith and his magical ice cream-making machine.


What a delight it was to meet Belfast-born Martin, enthused to the brim about his ice cream and positively beaming with excitement about developing new flavours. Martin spends at least three days a week making ice cream, creating around 14 litres per batch. Now that's a lot of scoops.


Currently La Cerise has ten flavours on offer including vanilla, strawberry (made with West Lothian strawberries), coconut, chocolate, cardamom, mango and raspberry sorbet.  All ice creams are gluten free, made with low fat yoghurt (health-conscience ones, take note!) and ingredients are locally sourced where possible however, quality is paramount.  Martin is currently negotiating transporting vanilla pods from Brazil. For this man, there are no ice cream boundaries.


Take vanilla ice cream. The uninitiated amongst us might think of a dense, yellow custard-like substance - but not La Cerise vanilla ice cream. This is on a level all its own: pure white, smooth, velvety texture, vanilla pod seeds running through its intense vanilla flavour. It is ice cream utopia for me, truly the bee's knees.


La Cerise ice cream is supplied to several local cafés and restaurants in Edinburgh including

Peter's Yard, Loudon's and Bia Bistrot.  This is an area of the business that Martin is keen to develop as well as continuing to create frozen desserts and ice cream birthday cakes (which is where Claire, Martin's soon-to-be wife comes into her own). 


I've scoffed five scoops in one sitting, easy when it's this good.


Hilary Sturzaker also pens her own foodie blog at www.mymonkfish.com



All about cake

Although I love baking, sometimes a whole cake is a bit of an over indulgence; sneaking that third slice in the hopes that no one notices, leaves me feeling guilty. So what does a girl do if she does cake? Simply pop into one of the fabulous little patisseries scattered across Edinburgh.

For me, I love the entremets (dainty little fluff- like cakes) that the French do so well and one of my favourite places that make these delights is La Cerise in Leith.

When I worked in an office and it was someone's birthday, a box stuffed with cream cakes from the local shop was dished out; Martin Wilson and Claire (soon to be Mrs Wilson) have a slightly more elegant slant on this ritual. They will happily make up a platter of little cakes and slices scattered with fruit, chocolate curls and dollops of cream, more impressive than a cardboard box of manufactured pastries.

For that special occasion, Claire makes some stunning wedding cakes that look traditional, but inside you'll find chocolate fudge, carrot cake or whatever you fancy. Their turnaround is swift, quality of ingredients paramount, using tried and tested recipes, but what is more important is she and Martin sit you down to discuss what you want for your celebration. “We find that our clients come in with a preconception of what they think they should have for their event. We explore ideas, likes and dislikes and after a couple of hours chatting, drinking coffee and eating cake, they will have the foundation of a truly unique cake."  But it doesn't stop there, they've made cakes entirely out of ice cream (Martin's area of expertise); requests for cakes in a particular football team's colours is meticulously researched by Claire.

If you have any intolerances, they can make you a magnificent cake taking your allergies into account, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

Orders can be taken (at least 24hours notice) over the phone, in person or via their website. (Lea Harris).


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