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By Sandy Ramsay

Here we go!!

Welcome to the first of what hopefully will be many articles on our nation's second most favoured drink...WHISKY!  (The first of course being Irn Bru.)

You probably wonder why a crazy Canadian female is talking about whisky?

To answer your question, whisky is actually what brought me to this great country. In 1997 I was here touring Highland Park and Macallan distilleries on behalf of the company that I worked for in Canada and it was on that trip that I met my husband now of nine years.

Starting with one of my all-time favourites, I introduce you to Mortlach from Dufftown in Speyside. 

Mortlach was built in 1824 by the chap, James Findlater and was named after the village that dates back to 566AD. William Grant, of the famous blended whisky  Grants, served his apprenticeship at this distillery. In 1832 the distillery was essentially shut down and then reopened in 1852.

Mortach makes up a very important portion of the Johnnie Walker blend. It is presently owned by UDV and unfortunately the distillery does not take visitors.

Now for the review:  Mortlach 16 year old - 43% abv.

What I loved and still love about this whisky is the wonderful perfumed, spicy nuances on the nose. It is very complex with wonderful hints of floral aromas. The palate comes with loads of sherry and dried fruit. It is rather oily and ends with a lovely dried fruit finish.

You can find this wee gem at the Malt Whisky Shop on the Royal Mile or if you don't want to leave the comfort of your home, you can order it online.

Approximately £39.95 per bottle.

Farewell! I am off to discover the wonders of whisky for next month.

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