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July 2010

Favorita -

So my search continues for interesting and unique varietals. Thinking that we all may be a little tired of Pinot Grigio and Chenin Blanc, I personally, have moved back to sourcing lightly oaked Chardonnay. (I say back, because I was here the first time around for Chardonnay mania). Sad you say? Perhaps, but it is nice to give my palate a holiday!

Apparently there are over 8000 grape varietals harvested throughout the world, which makes me frustrated with the fact that the buyers out there aren't getting a little more creative with their sourcing. BUT ALAS! Last week I discovered a new varietal. New to me that is.

Italy has always been a great love of mine as that is where I truly fell in love with wine. Recently I discovered Favorita (Fah-vor-ree-tah). This unknown little white grape varietal makes its home in the Piedmont region of Italy, usually in the Roero and Lange regions.  It carries a rather large berry and it is often harvested as a table grape. Apparently it is becoming much more popular and demand for using it in the wine making process has grown extensively.  I recently found it at Appellation Wines (£7.90) in Edinburgh and was very keen to taste it so I bought a bottle and went home to try it.

Lightly chilled, glass in hand, I was pleasantly surprised!  This little wine didn't boast a lot on the nose although it was lightly fragrant emulating hints of pear fruit. On the palate it was light, hints of minerality and again the soft pear fruit showed itself with hints of youthful freshness and light lemon acidity . Favorita is a varietal that would be most enjoyed in the summer on the patio. It is not overly complex but I do believe that if it was barrel aged for a short time it may just respond and become that much more interesting.

With that said I opted to go back and purchase a few more bottles. I will continue to search the shelves for more interesting grape varietals, leaving Chardonnay to rest for the moment. Now, if I can just find some Fiano!

(S.Ramsay, W'est Solutions)

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