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Well I did last week and it was stunning!  Here I was minding my own business when this gentleman came into the store, where I happened to be, with a bottle under his arm and generously offered to share the bottom half of the bottle with the staff of the said store.

 I have to say that I was a little gobsmacked. For starters, I would have comfortably consumed the bottle not thinking of anyone in the world, let alone who I might share the bottom half with.  And secondly, who would take the time to age such a fine vintage and then not share it with his or hers nearest and dearest?

We tasted this fine specimen of a wine with that dazzling black label and unmistakable gold emblem and writing. I have to say it stood up to my finest ideals. It was beautiful, elegant, earthy, lightly tannic, the fruit was fading but still showed that it once was bountiful. The wine still showed structure and pure elegance. Here I was, quietly in the corner, tasting a piece of wine history. I was thrilled and overjoyed.

The kind man left and we thanked him profusely for his generosity. I am not sure if he realised what this meant. To me it was a single stroke of pure kindness. No, he did not save anyone's life, he did not cure cancer, but what he did; He shared a 1990 Chateau Palmer. Thank you and bless you. It is something even I don't think I could do.

Chateau Palmer 1990     3rd Growth Bordeaux
Considered to be one of the finest vintages in the history of Bordeaux. I would love to tell you more about the history and its evolution but it would take pages and pages. Instead, Google Chateau Palmer 1990 history and this will lead you to some very interesting material.

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