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The Roman Pizza Project - Pantheon pizza
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The Roman Pizza Project
10 West Maitland Street,
EH12 5DS
0131 229 3687
Mon-Fri 12:00am - 10:00pm; Sat- Sun- Closed.


In the past few years, we witnessed a flourishing of pizzerias in Edinburgh: Pizzeria 1926, Pizza Posto, Franco Manca, Razzo, Froth&Flame to mention just a few. 

The common denominator for these venues is their commitment to offering fragrant and tasty Neapolitan pizza. This style of pizza was awarded UNESCO world heritage status in 2017. The crust is made with just '00' flour, water, yeast and salt (no oil); giving it a fluffy, thick consistency, with the topping gathered in the centre.

Italians and pizza aficionados, however, know that there is another pizza style less famous but equally traditional: Roman Pizza.

The crust is made with water, yeast, flour, salt and olive oil, essential to allow the dough to be stretched by hands or using a rolling pin. The crust is as thin as a sheet of paper and very crunchy.

Roman pizza is not that easy to find here in Scotland, but luckily, Laura and Francesco decided to open a small pizzeria in Edinburgh and 'The Roman Pizza Project'.

Located in Shandwick Place, it's open Monday to Friday to cover the lunch rush hour and also to serve dinner and takeaways at night. The menu changes between the two meals. There are enough tables to accommodate about 20 diners. The décor is minimalistic but Laura's smile and friendliness fills the room. 

I have been a couple of times for dinner with friends, and we have tasted all of the phenomenal nine pizzas (each one called after a Roman attraction) on the evening menu. There are no starters, no alcoholic drinks (BYOB) and just a few cannoli as dessert; all attention is on the pizza. 
Ingredients are fresh and genuine, and Francesco has a smart selection appealing to both Italian and Scottish taste and to guarantee vegetarian and dairy-free options. You can taste his passion in the pizza. 

My favourites are the Pantheon, with salami, blue cheese and fresh rocket, and the Fori Imperiali, with vegetables and gremolata for an extra note of freshness. 

Pizza lovers out there put the Roman Pizza Project on the map and embrace a different style of pizza that will guarantee a satisfying and crunchy palate experience. (E. Vanello)


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