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1 Haddington Place,

Spry is sparse and pure like a birch tree.  The new wine bar/bottle shop has Nordic minimalist décor of white walls and wood, interrupted by a sprinkle of spindly furniture and an island bar. At first, you think it needs a plant here and there, but after a while, the simplicity is beautiful and calming.

On one wall, there are some black and white artworks by Glasgow-based artist who stretches pieces of linen across the canvas. Simple, striking and textural.

If this all sounds slightly cold, warmth comes in the form of wine, service and candlelight.I ordered a Sylvaner from Alsace, a dry, silvery varietal which is a bit steelier that its regional stablemate Riesling. Eleonora likes minerality in her wine, when she arrived, I offered her a sip, and we soon ordered more.

There is a modest menu of wines by the glass and a larger one for bottles. All are from small independent producers, organic and relatively untampered with by processes. Orange and Rose wines are written in their appropriate colour on the menu. However, it is hard to distinguish them in candlelight.

From a rotating menu of small plates, our choices include a milky ball of Burrata speckled with cracked pepper in a puddle of olive oil, some buffalo Camembert and Speck which virtually dissolved in the mouth.

Spry is a wine bar where you can taste unusual wines with an accompanying nibble or three. A great place to catch up after work or to grab a bottle to take home.

As we paid our bill, we examined the wall which shelves individual bottles to take away. These all have numbers (30,16,24). We realise it's not some sort of wine bingo but the price. The wines can also be purchased and quaffed on the premises for £10 corkage. Eleonora pointed out how attractive all the labels are.

Go back ten years or so and wine bars were virtually non-existent in Edinburgh. Now we have them in every neighbourhood. Spry is an example of where the trend is heading. It's restrained and elegant with a focus on quality.  (S. Wilson)

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