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A Christmas Case of Wine by AL Henderson
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Santa season is approaching. All is not well – reports from the far north suggest Santa is fed up with the supermarket wines that well-intentioned folk have been leaving out for him on Christmas night. Since self-driving sleighs were introduced, Santa has finally been able to imbibe. How tragic this development has coincided with a morphing of mass-produced wines.

So, an exasperated Santa sent has his own letter this year. Recognising her enviable depth of knowledge of all that is food and wine, the letter was dispatched to Mrs Bite. A plea for something imaginative in the seasonal wine stakes when he tours the Edinburgh area. On reading, she visualised Santa, on seeing yet another boring wine offering, exasperatedly smashing the glass baubles hanging from the tree. Those icy sharp shards engulfed her and ripped at her heart strings. She felt bound to help. So, she summoned the cheery elves at A Case of Wine into action and instructed: "Assemble a Christmas Case of Wine, unusual or rare wines at fair prices, no more same-old, same-old!”

The little elves were happy to help and ventured deep into their cellar. To the delight of Mrs Bite, Santa and all who crave interesting wines for their own seasonal visitors, A Christmas Case of Wine was born.

A Case of 6 whites or 6 reds is available. Or order one of each for a case of 12 mixed. Delivered free to your door (Edinburgh area) in plenty of time for Santa and all your seasonal visitors. Tasting notes included to help you get the most out of our seasonal selection. To order please email specifying which case or cases you would like. Each case of 6 is £50 (RRP minimum £75) and represents a saving of at least 1/3 off the recommended price. Be adventurous this Christmas and try a special case of wine. Your seasonal visitors will thank you!

A Case of Wine is a local business offering fine wines at fair prices. We source and supply wines on behalf of mainly boutique wineries committed to green practices in wine making.

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