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La Favorita - the favourite
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La Favorita
325-331 Leith Walk,,
City of Edinburgh,
Opening hours (pizzeria) Monday to Thursday: noon to 11pm; Fri noon - 12pm; Mon - Thur: 12pm to 11pm Fri: 12pm to 11pm Sat: 12pm to 11pm Sun: 12pm to 11pm
Photography: Cameron Prentice

You may recognise La Favorita from those bright yellow Fiat 500s zooting around the city, delivering pizza to Edinburgh residents.

Well, right next to La Favorita Delivered on Leith Walk (the source of those takeaways), is the recently revamped and simply named La Favorita, the place to go if eating out is preferable – although granted, a margherita in front of The Crown holds appeal on these winter nights.

The look
Exactly how recent is "recently” when it comes to the pizzeria’s new decor, you ask? The restaurant reopened in November 2019 (the 27th to be exact), with a marble bar promising Prosecco leading you in, posters featuring Vespa and the Savoy Hotel Rome overlapping each other to create a mishmashed mural along one wall. An oversized clock stands out against a teal background, statement lighting and bright colours mixed with grey add to the glam. The decor is the grown-up sister to the quirky yellow of its takeaway counterpart.

The pizza
The menu, too, has been updated: pizza bases, for instance, now include a seed and multi-grain variation. Yet despite this move, there’s still a link to tradition. Over the last 50 years, owners the Crolla family have refined their skills in the Italian kitchen, using a wood-fired pizza oven at 300°C to create a smoky flavour as distinctive as those Fiat 500s. Bases are always fresh and left for 48 hours to mature before being rolled into shape. Among the options on the menu, the Primavera (tomato, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, Parma ham and rocket) is a winner for us at Bite, mainly for its crispy base and generous amount of Parma ham. Mains-wise, the carciofi al limone e aglio, or roasted artichoke hearts with toasted Italian bread, is also good. But, based on the Primavera, we can see why La Favorita is known for its pizza.

The dessert
Two words: torte Caprese. DO IT. Bonus – their take on the almond chocolate cake is flourless (if that helps your decision whether to have dessert or not). Two more words? Ice cream. La Favorita only serves Gelarto – a brand of gelato produced in Turin, to the north of Italy – either by the scoop or in a sundae.  Click here for the dessert menu if you need time to decide beforehand. We say go with space ... (K. Wilkins)

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