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Piccolino - Italian street food that is not pizza
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Street food is the new black.

The trend is spreading fast because it is quick to eat, relatively cheap and often the best way to get a first taste or a different food culture or tradition.
I am Italian so naturally got excited seeing a Panzerotti Bite Night appearing on my Facebook feed.

Panzerotti is typical street food from Puglia, or more precisely, from the Southern region of Bari which forms the heel of Italy’s boot. Traditionally, these savoury turnovers were a tasty way to use of leftover dough from bread-making utilising some of the most common Italian ingredients such as mozzarella and tomatoes.

While the classic filling of mozzarella, tomatoes and oregano is also the most widespread, there are many twists. Indeed at Piccolino Edinburgh you can choose between: Mortadella (mortadella, pistachio, mozzarella, tomatoes), Piccante (spicy sausage, tomatoes, mozzarella), Terra e Mare (friarielli, prawns, mozzarella, tomatoes), Vegetariano (vegetable, mozzarella, tomatoes). A vegan version is also available.

The deal on ‘Panzerotti night’ is three savouries plus half-pint of Menabrea for £10 or with an Aperol spritz £12. I went along with a group of friends, and we challenged each other to crown the yummiest of the Panzerotti, but we all had a different favourite!

The taste is authentic, and the portions are very generous. ‘Luigi' and his family run the Tollcross restaurant, so it is no surprise that the Panzerotti are handmade on-site by his mamma Maria.

If I have piqued your curiosity and you want to try this famous street food from the South of Italy don't miss the next Panzerotti night on 31st October. Buon appetito! (E. Vanello)

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