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Mackerel Memories
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Sometimes inspiration for WiS is a little difficult to dig out, a bit like this month. I've breathed a sigh of relief as September hits Edinburgh, so I'll not bother with that angle.  Reading back through last year's post about my dad, had me thinking about the connection between him and What Else is in My Basket - something clicked. Holidays, back in the day, were in England or Wales and, if the former, it was always Cornwall. Reflecting on these jaunts, wedged in the corners of my mind was one holiday where me 'n' dad went fishing. A half day on a boat with a skipper and his mate, we went out for mackerel.  The old man loaded up the hooks with bait while I watched as the line was thrown over the side. It wasn't long before we were reeling in silvery and metallic blue stripped fish that were quickly despatched; I gazed in ghoulish fascination as they were gutted, washed in seawater and plopped into a bucket. Being a butcher's daughter, I wasn't fazed.Back on dry land, my mother wrinkled up her nose at the idea of sitting on a beach eating mackerel cooked over a fire. She headed off to a cafe, while dad and I carefully removed the fine bones from the cooked fish, scoffing the hot flesh, licking fingers clean before wandering back to our digs. 

Spiced Mackerel with Beetroot and Apple Salad
4 mackerel fillets, boned
A little oil
1tsp spice blend of your choice
1 or 2 cooked beetroot (depending on size),
chopped1 green-skinned eating apple,
Generous pinch of coriander seeds, toasted, finely crushed
Squeeze of orange
Salt and pepper
Rub fish with oil and spices
Griddle/BBQ/grill with skin towards the heat source for about 5 mins; they won't need turning.
Throw beetroot, apple and coriander seeds into a pretty bowl, mix.
Add a splash of oil and a squeeze of fresh orange.
Check seasoning.
Serve with crusty bread and a dry crisp white wine. Enough for 2 

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