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Cor Blightly it's Brexit
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Cocktails of their time in keeping with the blind fool optimism that our newly appointed leader seems to think is all we’re missing, I thought I would create some cocktails to "celebrate” these times. Please do not try these at home!

First up is the Rees-Mogg. Tradition dictates that the Negroni, on which this drink is based, should be made with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, creating an aperitif that is loved by bartenders the world over (but particularly in Italy). Now the Rees-Mogg contains a little gin (don’t want it too alcoholic), no sweet vermouth and loads of Campari all served over ice with a slice of lemon. This creates a cold drink with a bitter aftertaste, that you wouldn’t want to be seen at parties with.

Next up comes the Shambles, a unique drink found only in the UK. When you open the Brexit drinks Cabinet, you’ll see a variety of bottles filled with a multitude of liquids, all strangely labelled the same: "NO DEAL OR BUST”. Pour equal measures of each into a large shaker and top up with ice. Shake until 31 October and then double strain straight down the sink. I told you it was a Shambles.

My third drink is the long-forgotten Cameron, the drink that got us here in the first place. Less of a cocktail and more of a drinking game, the idea is to drink enough cheap tequila until you get to that state of such over-confidence that you feel everything’s a dawdle. Not only that, you happily decide you can singlehandedly solve the most divisive issue of our time by asking everyone else’s opinion. And, as we are all too aware, that always ends in nothing but a shouting match.

Last, but by no means least, comes the twin combo Bo-Jo and Jo-Jo. For the Bo-Jo, shake some moonshine (methylated spirits would do), with some crème de banane, some yellow food colouring and an egg white. Strain into a schooner and garnish with a sparkler, a piece of banana and a straw. Lo and behold, you have a great looking drink that promises so much but is completely lacking subtlety, and is most certainly toxic. The Jo-Jo is made the same but with the addition of some sour cream. Just like the Bo-Jo but with the exception that it has turned. (M. Earl)

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