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Review La Sal Cocina Español Buen Provecho!
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La Sal
22 Union Place,
0131 556 7771

A good appetite is guaranteed at La Sal.  

This tapas bar/restaurant has recently moved from Newington to its new location at Union Place opposite The Playhouse Theatre.  

Tapas has been a bit hit and miss in the past. A craze which led to some unscrupulous chains serving cheap, deep-fried food to the masses. 

Bite is pleased to report that this is not the case with the independent venue La Sal.

The dishes I shared with my friend Simone were all hits.  We were really pleased with the freshness, flavours and lightness of touch applied to our food.

A goats’ cheese salad may have contained bountiful generic ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes, carrots but a delicate dressing with a hint of honey gave it a dewy moreishness.We find plenty of wrinkled walnuts with their unique fatty, slight bitter flavour tucked inside the leaves too. The nuts and honey are classic complements to creamy goats' cheese. 

Croquettes contained ham (100% Iberico Bellota graces the bar) and béchamel sauce which oozed from their snappy sausage-shaped shells.

Cod loin tempura comprises tender white fish and golden, fluffy batter. I suspect saffron had been added to a dusting of flour before the fish descended into the pan. Simone commented on how tricky it is to get this dish right so that the fish retains its juiciness, but La Sal has 'nailed it'.

Prawns are presented in a terracotta dish for Gambas pil-pil. Six Rubenesque beauties were lazily curled up and luxuriating in a bath of bird’s eye chilli and sliced garlic.  We considered ordering bread to mop up the sauce but restrain ourselves as we had had plans for pudding from the off.

Enter the Tarta de Santiago twice, please. It is moist and sugary as expected and served with delicious vanilla Italian ice cream. Squirty fake cream was the only foot put wrong in an otherwise delightful feast.  
Head chef Manuel is an Andalusian from Sevilla, but he also brings favourite regional dishes from around Spain to the menu. It is evident from the taste that food is freshly prepped on the premises and in line with a tradition of Spanish home cooking. There I go getting hungry again! Hasta Luego La Sal. (S. Wilson)

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