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Sunday Lunch Kids Club at One Square in partnership with Sparkle Arts
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One Square
Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa,
1 Festival Square,

Bringing a hyped-up toddler to a luxury establishment is an excellent test of customer service. Given recent experiences of dining out with our wee one, it was with some trepidation that we accepted an invitation to Sunday lunch at One Square. It turns out we needn't have worried.

Sunday Lunch Kids Club -is an idea so simple, I can't believe it's not everywhere. While mum and dad tuck into the vast buffet of fresh and delicious treats, the children are whisked off to the Kids Only Zone (fine by me) in another room to play, draw, dress up, and make friends.

It's like a classy Butlins - but instead of mawkish Redcoats singing showtunes, you are waited on by genuinely friendly and attentive staff to a backdrop of live swing music, whilst the children are kept happily busy by Sparkle Arts' teachers.

Every parent I've told about it (and I've told a lot) has just about passed out with excitement at the thought of packing the kids off to have fun while they eat a meal while it's still hot, and sup wine like real adults.  

The buffet is a far cry from the all-you-can-eat stack-em-high variety, with separate sections for starters, mains, desserts, cheeses, chocolate fountain(!), and an ice cream cart(!!).  Seeing The Boy toddle off with a newly acquired train to get his face painted, we immediately relaxed and set about the serious business of trying EVERYTHING on offer.  

Beautifully prepared terrines, smoked fish, cured meats, and a Caesar salad bar, are highlights in the starter line up. Freshly roasted rare beef and rolled pork shoulder come with exciting sides, sauces and gravies, and crispy Yorkshire puds.

After a quick look in on The Boy - who had made some pals, and was in his element - we waddled on to dessert. Beautiful cakes and puddings filled us to the brim before we squeezed in the obligatory cheese course. For £29 per head (and £14.50 for kids 4+), this represents real value.

Overall, then: staff:10, cooking:10, atmosphere:10, not fighting with a haughty toddler between hasty mouthfuls: 1000.

Even if you don't have children, you'll appreciate the kids club - since you won't have to shout over Peppa Pig blaring from an iPad on the next table. If you do have kids, and you haven't stopped reading to book immediately - I'm not sure what you're waiting for.  Ru McKelvie-Sutherland www.eatdrinkdad.com  


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