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Edinburgh Spring Gin - Gin Worth Buying
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In the saturated gin market you need to stand out in some way. From the early days of the great marketing campaign behind Bombay Sapphire, with style over substance, to the strangeness of using grapefruit and coconut as botanicals with Hoxton Gin. From the lure of pure Icelandic spring water with Martin Miller’s Original Gin to the first copper pot distillery in London in over 200 years with Sipsmith London Dry Gin. These gins all had something unique that said, "Try me, you won’t regret it!”

And now, from Edinburgh’s very own gin innovators comes along something a little bit special. Not the world’s best gin, if it’s even possible for two people to agree what that is. Not the quirkiest choice of botanicals, although more on that later. And not a ridiculously expensive hand-crafted gin, made with such tender loving care as to make you happily give up gobs of your hard-earned cash. To be truthful you may struggle to get hold of this gin although it’s not the rarity that sets it apart – it's the story behind it.

Edinburgh Spring Gin is a collaboration between Edinburgh Gin, already having a reputation as makers of a wide selection of quality gins and gin liqueurs, and Edinburgh Food Social, the non-profit social enterprise dedicated to making good food more accessible to those who need it most. The two have come together to create an ethically crafted gin made using locally foraged seasonal botanicals. The profits from this small batch gin will help fund Edinburgh Food Social. Truly a win-win situation. D and I drink gin and the word spreads about good food!

Those locally sourced botanicals, including Wood Sorrel, Gorse Flower and Yarrow give the gin a freshness and a lightness missing in some of the more juniper driven dry gins. Although recommended to be served with a good tonic I found it made a very pleasurable and easy drinking martini (especially when garnished with a lemon twist – the lemon oil really enhanced the freshness).

Also worth trying are the White Lady and the Aviation, which both benefit from using Spring Gin.If you’d like to get hold of a bottle you can pick it up at Heads & Tales on Rutland Street or at the Edinburgh Larder Cafe on Blackfriars Street. 

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