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Tea & Cheese Tasting with Rosevear Tea and George Mewes Cheese
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Rosevear Tea
17 Clerk Street,
0131 558 2530

Passion is an overused word but nonetheless you know it when you see it and Isabelle Rosevear definitely has it when she talks tea.

Isabelle and hubby Adam developed a love of the leaf whilst living in Paris where they frequented the city's tea salons.  

Mr Bite and I joined them and some fellow aficionados at their Clerk Street store for a tea and cheese tasting and as we gathered we chatted about what to expect. None of us had been to a cheese and tea tasting before.  

Slurping is encouraged and we learn that our noses have 10,000 more nerve receptors than our tongues. 

Isabelle uses a version of Niki Segnit’s ground breaking flavour wheel to help us pinpoint various flavour profiles and we taste the following: 

Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling – honey sweet, rounded and with notes of muscatel. A champagne of teas.
Pouchong – perfumed, floral, honeysuckle.
Walk in the Forest – undergrowth, mushroom, moss, fruit  
Hojicha –  toasty, roasted chestnuts, bit of seaweed and dairy

Next up Ealga from George Mewes Cheese introduces five cheeses and we taste each alongside the teas and discuss what works, what doesn't and why.  
Again the flavour wheel helps us explore what is complementary and balanced and consequently hits the jackpot of a ‘third flavour sensation’ in the mouth. The temperature of the teas and cheeses is key here.

It's a fascinating evening full of revelations. Mr Bite doesn't usually eat blue cheese but loves the Bleu de Causses. I am bowled over by a buttery, Suffolk brie - Baron Bigod. Everyone loves the Hojicha which Adam tells us is drunk so often in Japan that it is almost the equivalent of a 'builder's tea' there.  
Rosevear Tea stocks hundreds of teas (the other two branches are at Bruntsfield Place and Broughton Street) and ladders are needed to reach the top shelves of this tea library. It’s a suitable setting for our journey of tea and cheese discovery. 

I wonder what Adam and Isabelle will come up with next. Watch this space. 

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