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Nero a Metà Sardinia comes to Slateford
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Nero a Metà
39-41 Slateford Rd,
EH11 1PR
0131 337 0326

Nero a metà is a sibling to the Italian restaurants Locanda de Gusti and 1926 Pizzeria and was launched by Papà Chef Rosario Sartore earlier this year. 
Although not central the restaurant was busy on the Friday night we visited and we immediately recognised the trademark simple, warm décor that characterises Rosario’s restaurants.  
There is an open kitchen and a smiley Alexandra walked us to our table in an adjacent seating area. A reasonably priced bottle of Vermentino from Sardinia was ordered, which had a unique blue and white bottle. 

Dishes are authentic Italian: you can find gnocchi, orecchiette, fregola (traditional from Sardinia), burrata, insalata di fagioli (beans salad), fegato marinato (marinated liver) and much more.

Mrs Bite had a dish of milky tender Burrata with sweet tomatoes ripened on the vine. Chopped up briny black olives took texture and flavour to another dimension. She said it was a dish "she would make a beeline back for”. Her sea bass stuffed with herbs and ricotta was simple, fresh and with the emphasis on good quality produce.
I had stewed baby octopus with potatoes and olives in a swimming pool of rich cherry tomato sauce, which was silky and salty in the mouth. Orecchiette with ragù really reminded me of a ‘nonna dish’: filling, tasty and genuinely simple. This is the secret of Italian cuisine a few ingredients but fresh and delicious.

At the end of the dinner, we got to meet the two young chefs: Lorenzo from Lombardy and Giuseppe from Puglia. I think this is the strength of the restaurant, a full representation of Italy from the North to the South that creates a harmonious and complete Italian menu.

The staff at Nero a Metà deserves mention for their friendliness and professionalism and the bill also impressed being excellent value for money.
Mrs Bite, when can we go back? (E. Vanello)

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