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Dine Edinburgh - Spring Cocktails
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Dine Edinburgh ,
1st floor,
10 Cambridge St,
0131 218 1818
Mon-Thu 12-11pm; Fri & Sat 12-1am; Sun 12-9pm

Naturally when Alessandro invited me along to Dine to try out their new spring cocktail menu, I jumped at the chance. 
D, on the other hand, had to be dragged along kicking and screaming. Not! 

One noticeable feature of the menu is the number of homemade ingredients used to create what are very good cocktails. Our first two drinks were great examples of this – the Martini & the Truffle (£10.50) and the Aztek Old Fashioned (£10.50). 

D’s Martini & the Truffle was a fascinating combination of a classic vodka martini with an added kick of earthy, mushroomy flavours. Made with olive oil washed Belvedere Vodka and Vermouth del Professore and served with a few drops of white truffle oil floating on top and a cube of Parmesan on the side, it was a perfect aperitif for those who like savoury, umami-inspired drinks. One for those who prefer a Dirty Martini over a lightly fragranced, citrus inspired sensitive gin martini.

My Old Fashioned couldn’t have been a more contrasting drink. Rich, sweet with just a hint of bitterness this was a cocktail much more to my taste than D’s. Stirred together were candied pineapple infused mezcal, smoked agave, chocolate bitters and cardamom bitters. The result was wonderful and made more so by the dark chocolate served on the side. Definitely my post prandial libation the next time I eat at Dine. 

Our last two drinks were the Bride’s Veil (£10.50) and the Devil’s Negroni (£10.50). D’s Bride’s Veil was a white rum inspired subtle sipper flavoured with almonds, jasmine, dill and lime. Served with roasted almonds crushed on top this was maybe more of a summer drink than a spring one, one to watch the sun go down over some silver sanded beach.

 I can never go past a Negroni and the Devil’s Negroni didn’t disappoint. Saffron Gin, Campari infused with pepper and a reduction of Nero D’avola and pomegranate served under a smoke-filled cloche with a wafer of burnt orange and pomegranate seeds on the side. Delicious!

 I can’t wait until their summer drinks menu comes out. (M. Earl)

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