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The Table | Ten seats, two chefs, one table
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The Table
3a Dundas Street,
City of Edinburgh,
0131 281 1689

I consider myself a foodie. 

When someone asks me how I see paradise, I imagine a tropical island and myself seated at a table with outstanding food, fine wine and chefs/producers to talk to.

I am happy to report I’ve found my paradise (minus the tropical situation) and it's called The Table.

It's a restaurant but not a restaurant...you can't really spot it from the street, you need the correct address. 

A dark front door opens to a narrow room with an extended open kitchen and a marble-like counter long enough to welcome ten guests. The atmosphere is convivial, and we immediately felt at home.

The Table had been on my wishlist for two years, and I couldn't contain my excitement when I started talking to the master of the house Chef Sean Clarke, helped by his brother Keith and Front of House, Claire. 

As the playlist started Sean commenced assembling our first dish in front of us -  36 month aged Parmesan Marshmallow and a Fried Maccherone- filled with Carbonara.

Note we weren't handed a menu, so all dishes were a genuine surprise. 

As the third dish approached, I understood Sean had a thing for Italian cuisine. Our pork cheek leant against Fontina Cream Cheese and Alba White Truffle Mousse; silk in the mouth. I had to ask Sean about Italy, and he declared his attachment to my country. Back in time he worked there (he speaks fluent Italian) and fell in love with ingredients such as winter truffles and red wine. 

The Italian influence was repeated throughout our meal, and it is great to see a Scottish chef inspired by Italy as opposed to France for once. 

Halibut with mustard fruit, duck with plum, gorgonzola with pear, whisky baba and variations of lemon completed the tasting menu. 

Mise-en-place was worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant, use of ingredients and flavours even more so. 

For me, stars of the night were pork with fontina cheese and a fizzy lemonade jelly, I loved the fizzy explosion in my mouth. 

If you are a foodie and you want to have a taste of paradise now, you know where to go, but remember there are only 10 spaces a night. (E. Vanello)

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