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Lara Bross from Bross Bagels.
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Why bagels?
Because I spent 13 years craving them and decided Edinburgh needed bagels!
What’s your favourite filling?
Our Montreal bagel (cream cheese, lox, pickled red onions, capers, dill & lemon)
What makes your bagels unique?
They are Montreal style, so they are not those big, puffy, doughy New York bagels. They’re dense and the perfect size for breakfast or lunch. They’re boiled in honey water, and they have a touch of Canadian magical maple syrup in the dough.
You have 3 shops now what do you do in your ‘spare time’?
Any spare time I get (which is RARE) is spent with my family. Two girls, a dog and a very busy photographing Scottish man.
Who would you most like to eat bagels with? Where and why? 
Anyone, I have a meeting with 
Anyone who’s hungry 
Anyone that says ‘yes’ after I say ‘you want a bagel?’
What is your ambition? 
To love past this tax return!?
...to retire in the south of France 
To become the worlds leading bagel lady

What is your idea of a romantic dinner?
 A rooftop terrace, sunset, Bubbles, a babysitter, candlelight, and a witty & charming French waiter.

It’s Valentine’s Day soon – what filling would you recommend?
We call Valentine’s Day "Cheesemonger Day’ so I would highly recommend a few bagels and a cheese board - some wine and a DIY night. But we’ll be doing the Nutella, cream cheese & strawberry special in the shops.
What is your favourite food, APART FROM BAGELS?
This will probably sound awful but Chicken wings! Which are also very hard to come by in Edinburgh (Nightcap on York place have them aced) 
What is your favourite restaurant or bar in Edinburgh and why?
The Kitchin will always be my favourite restaurant. 
It was my first job in Edinburgh, and Chef Tom Kitchin taught me everything I know about food (minus everything I know about bagels)
And elsewhere?
Civerno's (best pizza in town and I feel like I’m back in NYC) 
What would you order for your last meal?
Magic mushrooms
What is the one item you would take to a Desert Island? 
What is your fave holiday destination and why?
Pink sands, perfect beaches, sunrises, sunsets, the people are chill and welcoming 
It’s a dream! 

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