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Bross Bagels - Goy boho chic and heavenly nosh.
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Rewind to 1989. Mrs Bite is sporting big red hair, is wearing a nipped-at-the-waist purple jacket and blousy puffball skirt. There may even be a ‘scrunchy’ in the mix. 

Thankfully my taste in food was developing faster than my fashion sense and Sunday mornings saw me religiously visiting Kleinberg’s Jewish Bakery in East Cross Causeway for golden challah bread and the then cutting edge Bonne Maman conserve.

I loved that bakery but Bross Bagels with its enormous ovens has finally eased my long nursed pain of Kleinberg’s demise in 2005.

Mr Bite and I visited the Leith branch one Friday (Lara Bross first opened Portobello in 2017 and as we go-to-press the West End shop is the latest addition). 

The café upstairs at Leith is toasty from the ovens in the takeaway section below which (hallelujah) are fired up and churning out challah.

"Are you Jewish?” Asks our friendly server Tommy, 
"No" I reply and ask him why (my name is Sharon?). 
"Because the whole Jewish community comes for the Challah on a Friday”. 

I can’t express how happy it makes me to at last have a Jewish bakery in Edinburgh again. 

Coffee is Bross’s own roast from South American beans and I instantly recognise the ‘green’, slightly acidic, fresh caramel flavour. 

Hot nosh comes in the form of a ‘Hungry Vegan’ bagel for me – smashed avocado, tomatoes, chilli oil, on my choice of rock salt sourdough bagel with added ‘fakon’ vegan bacon. Mr Bite has a ‘Big Apple’ – pastrami, melted Monterey jack cheese, dill pickles, mayo and mustard. When he has demolished his food he pays the ultimate compliment ‘that was really good’; laconic I know. 

Salt beef comes later in the day at Bross but meantime you can choose from a plethora of bagels including the  fast ‘n’ filthy pizza bagel or for breakfast for example the 
‘Hoy Heebster’ – eggs, smashed avo, latke and hot kimchi or perhaps ‘the Goy – eggs and bacon’. Bross urge you to ‘jew it up’ though with latke potato pancakes

Dismiss sauces and sides and the loss will be yours. Rock sauce is a hot Israeli mash up comprising garlic, spices, peppers. There is also Thousand Island, Aye Pickled kimchi and probiotic ketchup, Russian dressing and more. For sides we choose 100% cured beef ‘karnatzel’ to gnaw on.
Of course I grabbed my beloved challah on the way out and a giant pretzel. Bross is the promised land of bagel cuisine. They even have festive flavours on the go. (S. Wilson) 





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