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January 2007
Like a Kid in a Candy Store

I've always said that I make a poor girl. I don't know how to wear makeup and I hate shopping. Unless it's wine shopping. Entering Hendeson Wines is for me what a trip to Harrods is for other girls. With over 1000 wines sourced from 40 different suppliers, as well as specialty beers and rare malt whiskeys, Henderson's Wines is a veritable Aladdin's cave of liquid indulgence.

What struck me most strongly was the affordability of the wines on offer. In terms of price:quality ratio, the best value is often found in the £6-12 range. And Henderson Wines has a refreshing number of wines that fall within these parameters, while still offering variety and interest. Try finding more than one Alsace Riesling (indeed try finding one!) at your local supermarket.

The Bordeaux offering stretches to 40 wines, mostly for drinking now rather than laying down. I was particularly surprised to find a bottle of Bordeaux Clairet - a lighter, rosé style that is fuller-bodied than other rosés, and from which the English epithet “Claret" derives (I'll bet you always wondered!).

I have a weakness for sweet wines so I was drawn to the dessert wine shelves...that's shelves, not shelf, as is more usual. It was even more exciting to see wines from producers I've visited personally...Jordan's in South Africa, Chateau des Charmes in Canada, Domaine Cazes in Roussillon - OK, I'm showing off now - but the myriad of sweet wine styles and production methods is rarely on show in one place as it is at Henderson's and there is an extra thrill when you find wines with a personal significance.

Add to this around 50 champagnes and sparklies (the Roederer Cristal is the most expensive bottle in the shop at £135), a wide range of ports and sherries, beers from local micro-breweries and abroad, and friendly staff who will make up cases to your budget and tastes and do tailor-made deliveries, and you can see why Henderson Wines really is an adult's candy store.

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